Detectron won the IF Design Talent Award (Best of the Year) in 2018.
Detectron is a drone designed for enhancing safety in underground mines. It detects various gases, gives directions in case of emergencies, and maps the tunnels in 3D. Detectron's mobility allows it to monitor hazardous gases over a wide area and communicate with other drones to work efficiently.
Detection of Hazardous Gases in Underground Mines
The primary hazard of underground mining is the accumulation of hazardous gases, such as explosive methane and toxic carbon monoxide. Estimates suggest that mining accidents kill approximately 12,000 people annually, particularly in developing countries. Although stationary and handheld gas sensors are available to prevent accumulation, both types remain inflexible and inefficient in larger facilities. As a result, many people continue to die in gas-related accidents in underground mines.
The Product Design
The Network of Drones
Drones will move through tunnels and communicate with each other to detect hazardous gases within mines. In case of an emergency, drones will work together to guide workers to safety.
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