Easy Phone won IMMIB 2018 Industrial Design Award.
Easy Phone tackles problems of the elderly and their necessity to communicate in a convenient and easy way.
Making a phone call with a regular phone often requires navigating through complicated digital interfaces. However, Easy Phone simplifies this process by making the interaction more tangible
Smartphones pose a challenge for the elderly
Communication is essential for the well-being of the elderly. However, smartphones designed by young designers for young people are often not user-friendly for the elderly. Aging-related issues like presbyopia (long-sightedness) and arthritis can make it difficult for elderly individuals to use smartphones.
The Product Design
Regular phones require multiple steps and complicated digital interfaces to make a call. However, Easy Phone simplifies this interaction with the help of the "Tangible Interface Design" approach. It enables the user to call somebody quickly with a simple action. When designing Easy Phone, the behaviors and needs of the elderly were taken into account to create the best phone for them.
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